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Jual Timbangan Lainnya Loadcell Zemic Bm14b

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Specification of Load Cell Zemic BM14G

Load Cell Zemic BM14G

Load Cell is one of the important parts in digital scales system. The degree of accuracy of digital scales depends on the type and type of Load Cell used. The principle of action is when Load Cell is loaded at the core iron then automatic resistance value in strain gauge change. Strain gauge is what functions as a sensor to measure the weight of objects or goods in large sizes.

We sell Load Cell Zemic BM14G with the following specifications:

- BM14G load cell available in 10t - 50t capacity.
- Stainless steel construction, airtight welded, oil-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosive.
- Column structure, anti-reversal design, good self-aligning ability,
suitable for electronic scale platform, automobile testing facilities,
scale hopper and other electronic weight devices.

Key Features:

- High accuracy.
- Stainless steel construction.
- Easy installation and reliable performance.
- With OIML approval.

We sell load cells that are cheap and quality, which is reliable and has been tested in its strength. For more info please contact us.

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