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CV. Global Digital Scale

CV.Global Digital Scale - Jual Timbangan dan loadcell Timbangan
Timbangan Lainnya Loadcell Keli Qs/Qs-A
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Jual Timbangan Lainnya Loadcell Keli Qs/Qs-A

Spesifikasi Timbangan Lainnya Loadcell Keli Qs/Qs-A

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tensometr - QS/QS-A

show size of loadcell

  • excitation, recomended10~12 V
  • excitation, max15 V
  • rated output2.0∓0.002 mV/V
  • combined errorC2, 0.05 %FS
  • input resistance750∓10 Ω
  • output resistance702∓3, 702∓5(L≥15m) Ω
  • insulation resistance≥5000 Ω
  • temperature, operating-30~+70 oC
  • cable length5.2(5t), 8m(10t), 10m(15t), 10/12(20t), 12/15(25t), 12/16(30t), 16(40~50t) m
  • protection classIP67(5t),IP68(10-50t)
  • material madeAlloy Steel
  • safe overload150, 120(40~50t) %FS
  • ultimate overload300, 200(40~50t) %FS
  • zero Balance∓1 %FS
  • TCO∓0.02 %F.S/10oC
  • TC SPAN∓0.02 %F.S/10oC


Exc+Exc-Sig+Sig-shieldRef +Ref -


rangeaccuracy classshield classOIML
5 t-IP67NO
10 tC3IP68YES
15 tC3IP68YES
20 tC3IP68YES
25 tC3IP68YES
30 tC3IP68YES
40 tC3IP68YES
50 tC3IP68YES

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